"I have no quarrels with those who charge less, they know their worth" Author Unknown


 I get it. It can be confusing trying to understand why different photographers charge what they charge and how the pricing can vary so much from photographer to photographer in your area.  With entry level dslr cameras becoming so inexpensive and abundant in the hand of amateurs, it has definitely made it tough for the average client to understand why the charges can be so drastically different.

It's actually pretty simple. The better a photographer is, the more they will cost. The equipment, training and time it takes to learn photography and lighting skills are not cheap. Once hobby photographers realize how expensive it really is, they will either quit before they are in too deep or decide to continue on and invest in their photography education and equipment. 

So why choose me?

Because you need someone that you can trust will capture this time for you in quality, professional images. You don't want to find out 3 weeks after your newborn session that your "photographer" didn't have the skills needed to guarantee that your images would not be too dark or blurry and now your baby has already changed so much the details were missed.


Because being a newborn photographer also requires a whole new set of skills on top of just the photography and lighting fundamentals. You need to understand newborn photography safety and comfortable posing and how to follow baby's cues on when they are in a pose that they do not like and whether or not you will continue on with that specific pose or move on the next. Not all babies do all poses, and many don't know this, but some adorable poses that you see are actually several photos of baby stitched together in Photoshop to make a composite because this was the only safe way to achieve those poses. Studio cleanliness and sanitation are also super important when working with newborns as well, especially in the time that we live in with Covid.


Lighting and posing newborns during their sessions has taken me years to learn and perfect and I am still learning to this day. Newborn sessions can be the most challenging of all sessions and it takes alot of time, effort and skill to be a quality newborn photographer.  I continually invest in my photography education by attending workshops and conventions throughout the year as well as online training. 

When you hire me to capture your baby's first portraits, I will guide you through the whole process from start to finish. A great customer experience is my utmost priority. I will send you a prep guide to help you plan for your session and also a questionnaire so that I can gather a little more information on what types of images you are wanting.  I am fast, you don't have to wait months for your images as I usually have them edited and returned within 2 weeks depending on what products were ordered.  I will never lose your photos because a memory card went corrupt, or my computer crashed as I take extreme precautions to prevent this from happening. I only shoot with top-of-the-line dual memory card cameras so if one card fails, I have an automatic backup and I also backup my computer images to 2 external hard drives as well as an online cloud backup. 

Don't let price be your only deciding factor in choosing a photographer. Once these days are gone, they are gone forever. I want you to have your images displayed and enjoyed in your home and not on a Cd somewhere sitting in a drawer. The worst thing a photographer can hear is a client saying years after their session that they have not yet printed any of their pictures......