Just received my CPR/AED/FIRST AID Certification! Keeping babies and children safe in the studio!

Getting my certification in Adult and Infant CPR has always been something I wanted to do and up until now I was just always too busy to actually get it done. I decided this last year that I wanted to be a "different" kind of newborn photographer when it comes to newborns and safety. In a time when the photography market is oversaturated with amateurs and any one can buy a camera and start a instant photography business, I wanted to be someone that invests in continuing my education in not only my photography skills but also in newborn and children safety during my sessions.

Cpr certification baby dummy
Cpr certification with the baby

It still amazes me that ANYONE can photograph newborns without any type of training or certification. These tiny, fragile little humans can be put in positions and poses that may not be safe by someone that has zero experience and knowledge of how to do certain poses correctly. So many new and unexperienced newborn picture takers have no idea that many newborn poses are created using more than one image stitched together in photoshop so the spotter's/photographer's hands are NEVER taken off of baby. A baby cannot hold their own head in their hands and can be seriously hurt if someone that does not know this tries to do the froggy pose but unfortunately I have seen it done by inexperienced people in photography groups that have no idea.

I learned in a newborn photography safety certification course a couple of years ago how important studio cleanliness is during newborn sessions. How important it is to sanitize everything that comes in touch with baby's skin to keep germs and illnesses away from the next client's baby. I learned how important it is to not move a newborns head too far back or too far forward during a pose because it can cut off their airway making it difficult for them to breath and how easy it is to cut off circulation in a arm or foot while doing poses and what to look for to prevent this. I learned the simple steps it takes to help prevent RSV, a seasonal virus, in the studio. Did you know that if someone with a cold sore kisses your newborn it can be life threatening for the baby?

It is also so important to me to stay up to date on all of my vaccinations. I want new parents to be assured when they choose me to capture their newborn's portraits that I have done everything in my power to be informed and prepared to keep their baby as safe as I can during our session. It's not just about capturing beautiful images of your new little one but also about keeping them safe and healthy during our session as well.

Me doing compressions on a the cpr mannequin
Me doing compressions on the cpr mannequin

CPR/FIRST AID certificate

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