Every Momma to be deserves to feel beautiful while she is pregnant and have AMAZING portraits taken to capture these moments in time that go by so fast! I hear all the time from Momma's of little ones or not so little ones that they wish they had maternity pictures taken while they were pregnant but at the time they just felt too big, swollen and tired. Well here is the great thing.....We take your portraits BEFORE you get to the stage where you are too big to tie your own shoes or too tired to stand up for more than 5 minutes. The ideal time to have your maternity portraits done is usually between 28-32 weeks, this, of course, depending on how your baby bump is doing at this time, but usually we are pretty close on the estimate.

This new Momma was actually just one week away from her due date but you wouldn't be able to tell it in her pictures....she did absolutely amazing!

She made sure to pamper herself and have her hair and makeup done prior to her session (Just make sure to use someone you have used before so you know you will be happy with the results and bring me a receipt for what you paid and I will give you a print credit towards any prints or product purchases*) and she was all ready to get dressed up in some of my beautiful designer gowns from my client wardrobe and capture her pregnancy glow!

Fine art maternity image beautiful momma to be
Glamaternity Session

During my glamaternity sessions we take our time and can usually get up to 3 different setups/outfits during our session. During Rachel's session we actually did 5 different setups, if you include the simple bra and panty setup.

I am currently building a gorgeous maternity client wardrobe with beautiful robes and gowns from designers in U.S., Germany and the UK. for my clients to wear during their sessions. You are welcome to bring your own as well!

Fine art maternity in Omaha, Nebraska
Glamaternity Session

This time goes by so fast that once it's gone, it's gone. We can capture the baby bump, your beautiful glow and your sheer joy of being a new mom in images that you will cherish forever. Many of my clients order beautiful albums with their maternity images so they can look back through the years and remember what it was like when they were carrying that little human inside of them for 9 months.

Tattoo momma to be in her bras and panties
Gorgeous tattoo momma maternity session

Schedule your Glamaternity portait session today and lets capture that pregnancy glow that goes by so fast!

** Print credit given when proof of hair and makeup services are done immediately prior to your session. Physical receipt must be submitted. Credit not to exceed $100

Images by Christine M. Photography LLC

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