Going undercover! Whatever it takes to capture the moments! Jerod & Jamie Surprise Proposal

Engaged couple outdoor pictures

So when Jerod contacted me about a month ago asking me to photograph his surprise wedding proposal to his girlfriend, Jamie, I got all giddy inside! He wanted me to be there to capture it all. He was going to propose during date night at the same place they had their first date, The Olive Garden. I freaking LOVE the Olive Garden but I knew we were going to have to do some planning if we were going to keep this a secret. If she saw me or heard my voice she would immediately know that something was up. She had mentioned in a past conversation that she had definitely wanted her proposal captured in photos so I knew that I had to be a bit more sneaky to get one by her.

I met Jerod at the restaurant a week before the big day and we set our plan into motion. We reached out to the manager and found the perfect table for them to sit at during their dinner that wouldn't be in a high traffic area so I would be able to move around and make sure I had a clear view to get the shots. Jerod made the reservation for 6 pm and we were all set.

I then needed to find someone to go to dinner with me that Jamie wouldn't know. We have a lot of mutual friends and also with us being friends on Facebook, she would probably recognize my studio partner and for sure my husband. I got a hold of my friend, Liz, who also happens to be a photographer and asked if she would want to help me with my plan and she said was in.

So everything was almost set, except I needed a disguise. I figured I was going to go all out with this one so I bought a black, bob wig on Amazon and picked up a pair of glasses at the Dollar Store. When the wig arrived a couple days later I about died when I tried it on. I actually looked so different and I really thought we just might be able to get away with this!!

My before disguise picture

Photographer in disguise

The day came and I was a little bit nervous. I didn't want to ruin the surprise if Jamie figured out it was me. Liz and I got to the restaurant at 5:30 and went back and picked the perfect table that was close to them but not so close that she could hear me talk. We were just two tables away from where they would be sitting once they arrived. We positioned Liz facing their table so I would have my back to them and Liz could give me updates on where they were in their meal. We also let our waitress know what was going on so she could help us if we needed.

6:00 comes and here walks in Jamie and Jerod. Liz smiled at me so I knew they were here. I had texted her a picture of them so she would know what they looked like. We continued eating our dinner and I started to realize that Jamie really had no idea that it was me sitting just feet away from her or what was about to happen! I was laughing as quietly as I could so not to bring attention to myself. I even ordered a glass of Sangria so if she got a hint that it was me, she has never known me to drink a glass of wine lol..

suprise proposal

Putting the ring on her finger

Couple hugging

After they finish their dinner per Liz's update, Jerod texts me and asks "Are you ready?". Still not knowing that it is me sitting right by them, I didn't want to tell him about my disguise ahead of time just to ensure he didn't act awkward once he saw me, I said YES!!! Liz is telling me what he is doing and the minute he stands up I am up also with my back to them. Once he starts to go down on one knee, I flip around and start photographing them. Jamie is in total shock! She is covering her face with her hands and tears of happiness are streaming down her face. I keep clicking away and after she says yes, she hugs him and says loudly, "WHO ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE?". I am dying! She STILL doesn't know it's me! I can't believe my disguise worked this well ha ha! She is sobbing and hugging me still in shock of what was going on. Everyone in the room was clapping and saying congratulations to them.

This was probably one of the most fun experiences I have ever had doing my job! Congrats to Jamie and Jerod and wishes for a lifetime of happiness!

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