Lighting is everything! Understanding why I schedule my outdoor sessions when I do.

I absolutely LOVE the spring and fall seasons. I have beautiful studio locations that I can photograph my clients all year long but when the grass starts to green up in the spring or the leaves start to change color in the fall, I get all click happy and want to photograph all the time! I just wish I was able too!

Unfortunately it is not possible to do sessions any time of the day, because lighting is everything and it can make or break your portraits.  I get clients asking me all the time why can't we do little Bobby's session at 1 pm or Suzie's outdoor cakesmash at 11 am?  Well it's because when the sun starts to rise and get higher in the sky, the rays become harsh and unflattering. The brightness makes it hard to  keep your eyes open during pictures so you will tend to squint a lot, it can accentuate fine lines and wrinkles and make you look like a family of raccoons with dark shadows under eyes. None of these things that I will be fixing in Photoshop. 

In studio I can control my lighting. Outdoors I cannot, so I have to try and control when I will do my sessions. Although I do add a little bit of fill lighting to my putdopr sessions,  I have learned that the best times to do these sessions are within an hour of sunrise and an hour of sunset. This will be the time of the day when the sun is low in the sky and giving off a beautiful, soft, flattering light. 

This will really restrict when my sessions can be held and because within an hour of sunrise in the spring is so early (5:50 am) , we would have to start a session by 6:30 am and I am sure I am not the only one that is not super excited to be up, ready and on location by then! This is exactly why most of my outside sessions will be held in the evenings. 

Hopefully this will help explain why I do my outdoor sessions when I do. Its all about control and trying to create consistently beautiful images and because there are only so many evening sessions spots available, make sure you book your session far enough in advance while I still have outdoor session dates/times available. They tend to fill up quick!

Let's create beautiful images together that you will cherish forever!

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