I've got you covered! Stress free newborn sessions equal AMAZING images!

Choosing a qualified, skilled newborn photographer that fits in your budget can be daunting when you are expecting your new bundle of joy. There is such a wide range of expertise in the photography world in this day and age from newbies just getting their first dslr camera to experienced, knowledgeable newborn photographers.

Well, I have got you covered if you book your newborn session with me. I have spent the last 5 years in business learning all types of photography but really focusing on newborn photography and safety. You can be assured if you choose me to capture your baby's newborn pictures that you have chosen the right photographer. I hear it all the time, "My Aunt is a part time photographer or I have a friend from college that has a nice camera that wants to do my newborn pictures". If you put out an ISO (in search of) post on any of Facebook's buy, sell, trade groups looking for a newborn photographer, you can seriously get up to 100 responses. You just have to decide what level of quality you are willing to invest in. It's that simple.

Newborn twin girls wrapped in lace

Newborn photography is one type of photography that not everyone with a nice camera can do. It can take years to learn all that goes into newborn photography and it takes hours and hours of patience, skill and knowledge during each session. Sure you can get a baby to lay down and snap some pictures if you have zero knowledge in newborn photography, but it's getting them to be comfortable so that you can skillfully mold and pose them into whatever position you would like while creating beautiful images. It's knowing what poses are safe for baby to do and when it's time to do composite images because babies are not able to do a lot of the poses that you see on Pinterest. It's also about lighting, which is one of the most important aspects of any type of photography. Poor lighting can leave you with horrible quality photos no matter what you are photographing.

It's about having the knowledge as a new parent to increase your chances of having a successful newborn session. You can't get this time back so why wouldn't you want your newborn session to go as smoothly as possible so that you can get beautiful pictures. Babies are only this little once. There are no do overs. Do it right the first time by investing in a quality newborn photographer.

When you hire me to be your baby's photographer I don't just leave you hanging not knowing what to expect. I talk with you prior to our session and find out details of what you are wanting right down to the colors that you would love to use during our session and maybe some colors that you don't love so much and would like to stay away from. I find out what you don't like when it comes to newborn pictures such as having baby fully wrapped with just their little head popping out and also which types of poses that you love. I take into consideration your requests while still staying true to my style.

Newborn photography session prep guide

I send all of my new parents a newborn prep guide when they book their session with me. It's a detailed instruction booklet that goes over everything that you would possibly need to knowed to know to give you the best chances of having a happy, sleepy baby during our session which in turn gives us the best chances to creating beautiful images. It has taken me years to perfect this guide and I absolutely LOVE hearing from my clients that there are things in the guide that they would have never thought about so they were thankful to have a reference guide to follow.

Rest assured when you choose me, you will enjoy a stress free newborn session. I am with you every step of the way handling all of the details so that you don't have to. I will take all of the guesswork away for you. All you will need to do is relax, eat a muffin and maybe even take a little nap in my beautiful studio while my assistant and I create images that you will cherish forever <3

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