Skimping on your photographer now will leave you regretting it later.

In October my husband and I will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary. I always knew that if I ever got married it would be a small, inexpensive wedding with just close family and friends. We had a quaint little ceremony at the courthouse and our reception at a really good friend of mine's local bar. It was perfect and exactly what we wanted. Even so many years later I look back and love how we did it and ALMOST wouldn't change anything..... except for one really big thing.

I was not a photographer back then and I had NO idea of the importance of hiring a good photographer to capture our day. Digital photography hadn't even been invented yet, it was still all film. We had a lady that worked with my mom, that was a part time photographer come to the courthouse before the ceremony and take some pictures for us. She snapped some of us and our little guy and afterwards she handed me the roll of film to develop myself and my mom paid her $100. Yep.....$100. I will always appreciate my parents paying for everything wedding related, I just wish I knew then what I know now.

Bellevue Berry Farm Wedding Venue

I have maybe 5 good images from our wedding day before the ceremony and only one that I love of my husband and I. I have no pictures of the ceremony. No pictures of our family and friends that attended. No pictures of my dress (other than the few the photographer took before the ceremony of me in it). Just a few snapshots some of our friends took here and there with heads cut off and blurry people.

It is one of the biggest regrets that I have in my life. I wish someone would've told me that I am going to be sad one day when I realize that I should've put more thought and money towards one of the most important things during our wedding. The photographer. Not just any photographer but do research and pay to have a good one that knows what they are doing. Anyone can buy a camera and start charging but not everyone can give you consistently great pictures.

So now fast forward to today, 15 years later. I can't go back and change that one very important thing and It makes me so sad. I love everything else about how and where we got married, I love our reception and the fun we had with our friends and family celebrating our new life together. I love that we went to a Buffalo Bills vs. KC Chiefs NFL game for our honeymoon! People still think we were crazy when they hear the story but we had the best time!

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the biggest and happiest days of your life. Don't skimp on the ONE thing that will still be around many years later. THE PHOTOS. The cake will get eaten, the decorations will be stored or sold on garage sale pages on Facebook and the memories and emotions from that day will slowly fade. You know that you will remember how happy you were to marry your spouse, but what about how it felt when he first saw you in your wedding dress? Or when you had your first kiss as husband and wife? When the bride had her dance with her Dad, or when you cut the cake and atleast one of you thought about really shoving that piece in the other's face but you probably didn't because you didn't want to start off your marriage in a fight! Ha ha!

Beautiful photos will help you relive those moments and bring back all of the emotions from your big day.

Since becoming a professional photographer in Omaha, Ne. over 5 years ago, I truly believe that this is one of the reasons that I have such a passion for it. Photographing a newborn, wedding or high school senior and creating images that they will be able to cherish truly feeds my soul. Knowing that they will never regret not capturing those moments years later because they hired me and I will photograph this time as if it were my own.

The images I used in this blog post are from an adorable couple's wedding that I was hired to photograph. It was a beautiful day and venue, at the Bellevue Berry Farm.

The wedding was amazing and they will always have the beautiful images from that day to cherish for ever. <3

Save up if you have to for the good photographer. Skip the Scooters a couple of times a week. Do whatever you have to because you don't want to have regrets about it years later and not be able to do anything about it.

Ask me. I know.

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