Family photo sessions. The good, the bad and the hilarious.

It's very common that when you see the final images posted on Facebook or Instagram from a friend's family photo session, you think wow those kids are so well behaved! What a great family photo! Well I can tell you that 90% of the time they were not lol. Well, atleast not the whole time. Kids are kids and they want to run, play and check out everything and that is totally to be expected. My goal in any session is to get a few good moments where the kids are sitting still and somewhat looking at the camera because let's face it, those are the pictures that all moms love!

But....I also LOVE LOVE LOVE when I also capture the kids as they are. Like how they REALLY are. Not sitting, smiling and cheesing for the camera but body bouncing off their siblings while we are trying to do a family shot. Or bopping into the frame when we are trying to get a simple alone picture of Mom and Dad.

These are my favorite images to capture! And it definitely helps when parents calm down and let the kids be kids, for a little bit while we are not getting the must have shots. This family was simply amazing. Mom and dad never once stressed out during our crazy session. I have been photographing them for 5 years and actually I have never seen them stress out and let me tell you, this makes the session turn out great! I will just about always get the shots that mom wants and also some funny ones too but if the parents are scolding, yelling, spanking or threatening the kids, I can promise you the session is probably going to end with screaming, red faced kids and a lot sooner than our allotted session time and also with very few pictures to choose from.

Once you punish or threaten a kiddo at a photo session, it's all downhill from there. Getting them to change their mood after that is nearly impossible let alone trying to get their eyes to not look so red and full of tears. Chances of getting good pictures will be slim to none.

So my point really in this post is to tell you to calm down and let me handle the crazy little people. We will capture beautiful moments in your photos and also maybe get lucky and capture a little of the crazy too! In the end, it's about the memories and we all know little Isis did not sit still for very long during this family session and that's ok. It's who she was! So let's all calm down and relax so we can capture the "wanted" shots and also the "real" ones!

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