I hope every family portrait photographer has an "Ashley"

5 Years ago a friend of mine and his girlfriend were pregnant and I was a brand new family portrait and maternity photographer wanting people to practice on. I coaxed her into letting me do some maternity pictures of her. She didn't like having her picture taken. Actually, I think she hated having her picture taken, but somehow I convinced her that it she owed it to her unborn child to document him before he arrived. She fell for it :-) To this day she loves her pictures. I look back and think man I wasn't very good yet but thank God I didn't mess those pictures up too bad.

We ended up doing a newborn portrait session and then continued documenting little Liam's milestones in pictures.

Move to 5 years later and she has been one of my most loyal, helpful and amazing clients! She had continued to book me while I learned and practiced and now she is now ADDICTED to professional pictures and comes to me several times a year. Seriously addicted lol. She makes photo books with the images from her portrait sessions and prints them to display on her walls. She is exactly who I wanted and needed when I started my little business but without knowing it at the time. If she hasn't had a portrait session for a few months I truly think she starts having withdrawals.

She refers people to me. She brags about me on social media and shares the bejesus out of her pictures, which is EVERY photographer's dream! (A lot of people don't realize it but Facebook is making it very hard for small businesses to get seen and every share, tag or like that we can get helps us get our work out there. ) She is honest when something I do isn't as good as I thought it was, and praises me for the images that I produce that are amazing.

I hope that ever small business gets to have a favorite client like Ashley. Someone that gives you confidence when you need it but also constructive criticism on things that need improving. Loyal, trustworthy and pays on time ha ha. I hope she doesn't get a big head after reading this.

Now all we need her to do is have another baby so I can do his/hers newborn session.....hint hint. ;-)

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