Outdoor family sessions stressing you out? Try being your photographer!

It's October. and chances are if you are like a lot of families, you are planning for your family pictures. You want fall colors. EVERYONE wants fall colors. You contact your photographer to schedule your session, hopefully it's earlier in the season so you can get time reserved on their calendar before they are booked solid!

Fall is usually a photographer's busiest time of the year. It is mine for sure. With wedding season in full bloom and tons of clients wanting outdoor sessions filled with fall hues and colorful leaves, both on the trees and on the ground, it is absolute crazy time.

You try to guess what is going to be the perfect date for your session. October. Yep, You are sure that October is perfect fall picture taking time. How can it not be? Businesses are starting to come out with pumpkin spiced everything. The weather is getting cooler so you can pull out the amazing boots that you love for your session and the leaves HAVE to start changing soon, right?

You are probably starting to stress out about trying to choose the right outfits for your session. You worry wondering if little Joey is going to cooperate this time or if he is going to be hunched over screaming bloody murder behind the rock in the corner of the park like last time? And what about the weather? Is it going to rain? Snow? Be 90 degrees? We all know that in Nebraska it can be any one of those three in October! Are you starting to get overwhelmed yet?

Try being your photographer! You have one session to worry about, your photographer has 30, if not more. We have to worry about the weather every single day. We have clients that want a "fall color guarantee". Yes, I am not kidding you, this has been asked. Last I checked, the meteorologists on the news couldn't even predict the daily weather accurately so I am pretty sure that trying to guess the most colorful days of fall is probably going to be slim to none.

Rain can throw our already overflowing schedules into a chaotic frenzy. Trying to fit a session into a new date in a already jam packed full schedule that also works for you and your family can be super stressful. Your photographer has to worry daily if there is even a slight chance of rain in the forecast. Wait, you have to reschedule your end of September session because it's too hot and Mom's makeup is going to melt off her face before the session is over?! Yes.... it's Nebraska.

You did everything right. You contacted your photographer in July and got your fall session booked in plenty of time before their schedule filled up. You got your family's outfits all picked out and got the kid's fresh haircuts. The day is here for your session! You are so excited! Well guess what? An overnight wind storm came through and knocked all of those beautiful leaves off the trees just days after they started taking on their deep reds, browns and golds.

What do you do? You go with the flow and continue on with your session. You get beautiful family photos. Little Joey cooperated just long enough to get a great picture showing his mischievous personality. Your kid's have family pictures to look back on when they are older. They don't care that the fall colors were not as predominant as you wanted in the scene, they just care that they have memories of their family and the love they shared, captured in images that they will cherish forever.

Awesome! Your session is a complete success. Now only 29 more to go for your photographer... They just might need a hug when this is all over!

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