People want to feel special and appreciated when dealing with a business.

Many photography sessions that I photograph are a time in someone's life that only happens once. Such as a newborn. They will never be that little again. Once the details are gone, they are gone forever so being the photographer that gets to capture these moments for families is an amazing honor that I take very seriously. I have always believed that people want to feel special and appreciated when dealing with a business. In my first 5 years of being in business I am making it a point to focus on not only the important parts of the sessions, the photography,

but also the little added details. I want their experience with me to be memorable and unique. With the photography market being so saturated with so called "fauxtographers" anyone can take a picture, although let's be honest, it may not be a good picture but not just anyone can create an experience.

It is very important to me to be able to offer my clients experience and the knowledge that it requires to create beautiful images that they will be able to cherish forever. I also want to give them a little bit of that warm, fuzzy feeling when they look back on their experience with me. I want them to remember how patient and caring my assistant and I were during their baby's newborn session. I want them to remember how I took the worry away and helped them be prepared for their session with my questionnaires and welcome guides. I want them to remember how special they felt when they first saw their amazing professional prints and products in the beautiful, ribbon wrapped packages. I want them to remember the little newborn outfit that I made just for their baby's pictures in colors that they requested for their session. No one has to know that I taught myself how to sew just a few short months ago so that I would be able to do this.

I want you to feel special when you choose Images by Christine M. Photography. I strive to go above and beyond with all of my clients and I truly believe that is one of the things that has made my business so successful the last 5 years. People want to share their good feelings with their family and friends and they want the people they love to have that warm, fuzzy feeling too! That is what keeps small businesses alive because the best compliment that you can give a business is to refer them to your friends!

For me it's not just the photography, it's also all of the details. All of the little things along the way from the time you book your session to the moment you received your images that make you feel appreciated. It's not only the beautiful images, it's the experience. Book your next session with Images by Christine M. Photography. You won't be disappointed.

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