No one ever said, "Wow that CD looks amazing!"

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One of the things that I knew from the very beginning when starting my photography business was that no matter what, I was going to include prints in all of my packages. I have always felt that prints will forever be a super important part of what I do and why I do it. I capture moments in images that my clients can cherish forever and proudly display on their walls. The thought of a CD sitting in a drawer somewhere really bums me out.

I have heard from many people how they still have not printed any images from an amazing, once in a lifetime trip they took 5 years ago or their daughter's senior pictures or even their wedding pictures. I understand we live in a digital world now and believe me I am the first one to want to share an image on Facebook or Instagram as soon as it's taken so I get it. I get the need for instant gratification for posting a picture and I am all for it. But I will never go all digital with my packages or be a "shoot and burn" photographer.

I cannot even imagine walking around my house if the walls were bare and didn't have any pictures of my son or my husband, our trips to NYC or Hawaii or my niece's beautiful little family. I catch myself all the time smiling at a picture that I have of my son in the hallway sitting by the ocean in Hawaii and remembering how he decided 10 days before that trip that he wanted to go and how we scrambled to try and get him a flight on such short notice. I was so happy that he did get to go with us and I will always have the beautiful images to go along with all the great memories of that trip.

I hope that providing prints to my clients with all of my photography packages shows them how important prints are to me and how important it is to display your images. One of the reasons I started Images by Christine M. Photography was to be able to capture moments in photos that my clients will cherish forever and when they pick up their images I love to see their faces when they get to see them for the first time in beautiful, professional prints instead of on a phone or a computer. My beautiful customized boutique packaging by Tyndell Photographic

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