Thank you for visiting Images by Christine M. Photography. I am a professional photographer based in Omaha, Nebraska.


I LOVE to travel for business and personal and of course I always have a camera in my hand to document our trips.  The last few years I have been really obsessed with traveling to workshops all over the country and just learning all things photography and improving my skills.


I am a self admitted souvenir addict.  I LOVE to purchase items on trips that will remind me of all the fun we had once the trip is over and we are home. Magnets, sweatshirts, coffee mugs...My FAVORITE is a paperweight from Hawaii with a moon lit beach scene.  


Spending time with my little family is one of my top priorities (and the main reason I do not work Sundays) We enjoy going to sporting events such as Royals baseball or Creighton basketball games. 


When I am not working one of my favorite things to do is put on warm, fuzzy socks and curl up in a soft, cozy blanket with my puppy Chester, and get lost in a show or movie. 

Chinese food and bacon cheeseburgers from Sonic are definitely my weaknesses and I have learned to just accept that no matter how healthy I am trying to eat I MUST squeeze a cheat meal in every couple of weeks!



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